Lead Work

0_0_0_0_169_169_csupload_38200285When it comes to being green and using environmentally friendly materials lead is one of the most recycled and widely used.

Not only is it good for the environment but it is also a strong and durable material lasting and aging a lot longer then synthetic substitutes, which often only last up to 20years.

Lead work is often found around chimneys, abutment walls, valleys, box gutters and can even be found beneath windows.

Correct installation of lead work is essential to prevent water penetration and leaks within the home or even damage to the buildings brickwork and therefore we install our lead as recommended by Lead Sheet Association.

We cover all aspects of lead work, from simple cover flashing’s to complete lead bay roofs. Should you require any lead repairs or more information contact us today.



Ubiflex The Lead Alternative

Ubiflex is becoming an extremely popular alternative to lead due to the fact that it is 50% quicker to install , 80% lighter and has no scrap value therefore once installed you know it will be safe from theft.

Ubiflex comes is a range of colours including, grey, black and terracotta and also a range of sizes from 100mm up. Due to these options Ubiflex looks and fits perfect on a range of roof structures where flashings are required.



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