Flat Roofing

P S Roofing has experience using a wide range of flat roofing membranes from liquid applied to the more traditional torched on felt. We are more then happy to discuss all options with you helping you come to a well-informed and accurate decision.



Firstly when you are deciding to have a flat roof there are a few things which your need to consider. Ranging from the type of material you wish to use and whether existing timber upgrades will be needed to support the new roof, to the drainage system you would like to have put in place to prevent water pooling and subsequent roof damage.


Membranes available include:

Liquid applied – Kemper, Acrypol and Sealoflex all of these are ideal in confined spaces, where it is not possible to use hot works and for an almost maintenance free option, All of these are installed by applying an adhesive then a membrane fleece and finally a saturation coat followed by a top coat.

Single Ply– This is installed by an adhesive to the surface upon which a fleeced backed rubber membrane is applied. All joints and detail work are either self-sealing or by using heat.

Torched on Felt – This is the most commonly used method for flat roofing and is installed by using a heat gun to heat the underside bitumen adhesive as you roll out the felt. This provides a flexible and waterproof bond.

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